Hi guys!

I know it has been like forever since the last time i write something on my blog and i miss my blog so much ㅜ_ㅜ I have several things that i want to tell you about what i have been doing these past months and my future plans.

First is my main reason i have been MIA. So i am doing an internship now that is why i am really busy and tired and i don’t have time to update my blog because i feel so uninspired 😦 but my internship will end in a week so i hope i have more time to update my blog.

Me at the office toilet (mirror selfie is a must haha)

BUT, next week after i finish my internship i will do a volunteer job for Bali International Film Festival 2016 which means another work to do but it only take a week so it won’t be too hard haha.

Another exciting news is….*drum rolls*…. i will go to Bangkok again this October! It was weird actually one day i am watching a Thailand’s drama and then suddenly i want to go to Bangkok hahaha. I will be in Bangkok from October 10th (which is my birthday!) until  October 14th. I already book the flight and hotel and i already make a plan on what to do and where to go while i am in Bangkok so i hope everything will be alright. And i will update about my Bangkok trip and Bangkok haul later so stay tune 😉

That’s all i want to say for now. I am looking forward to my Bangkok trip as i am super excited to go on a holiday with my friends again! Please bear with me for a little while and see you on my next update 😄

Snapchat-ing in a car (another mainstream selfie 😂)


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