Hi guys,

This is my 5th day in Seoul and you can say this is my last day because tomorrow our flight is on 10am so we have to leave at early morning.

First place we went to is Seoul Central Mosque or Itaewon Mosque. After my second time in Korea, i make sure myself if i go to Korea again i have to visit the mosque. The way to the mosque from subway station is not that far but we have to walked to a hill-like roads. We were worn out on our first destination. Me and my aunt pray at the mosque and since the mosque is empty i feel so serene and calm.

Our second plan for that day is Bukchon Hanok Village. That walked from the subway station to the Hanok Village is super looong with ups and downs road. But i can say it was worth it. The place is really cute for photo spot especially that road where you can see Namsan Tower from afar.

Do you believe me when i say that was my first time wearing Hanbok? 😂 Yes i’ve been to Korea 3 times and i never wear Hanbok. Luckily we found this place in Bukchon Hanok Village that give us the experience to wear Hanbok with only need to pay for ₩7000! Other places that offer Hanbok rent cost from ₩25.000 to₩ 30.000! It is a huge deal but we have to take the pictures by ourself. Duh that is even better 😂

If we follow our itinerary we were supposed to go to Namsan Tower and after that we go to Myeongdong again to do some last shopping but after we discussed everything we had to skipped Namsan Tower because we were exhausted. It’s fine for me because i’ve been to Namsan before and the sooner we go to Myeongdong the better 😄

We got back to our hotel earlier that day because we had to packed our luggage and we had to sleep early if we didn’t want to miss our flight. But me and my aunt went to Hongdae again that night to eat bingsoo for the last time (it actually wasn’t the last time because SURELY we will be back!).

Next day we left at 6am in the morning and took the subway to the airport. After we did the check in and waiting in line to get to the immigration i couldn’t help myself to not to cry. It is so sad everytime i’m about to leave Korea but i’m positive that i will be back 😉 And after a 7 hours flight i finally back to Indonesia.

Finally i finish my Seoul Trip story. I am so grateful to be able to go to Korea again and i want to say thank you for my aunt for providing me during this trip. I promise that i will be back to Korea this year or next year during spring because i really want to see the cherry blosssom hopefully my plan is working this time 😄

Thank you so much for reading i see you on my next post.

Bye. xoxo. ❤️❤️❤️


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