Hi guys!

I know it’s a bit late but i just want to say Happy New Year! I gotta say 2015 was tough for me, probably the toughest year of my life because of internship report and defense, thesis and the worst i lost all of my phone files but beside that 2015 was also a great year for me because i went to Korea, i went to Infinite concert and my trip to Thailand. 

Let me recap about what happened in 2015:

In the beginning of 2015 i went to Korea with my friends. The trip was short but surely the best thing that happened to me in 2015โค๏ธ i’m planning to go back this year on April ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

After completing my internship on October-November 2014, i had to start my Internship report because we have an intership report defense/seminar. It was not easy. But thank God i finished it with flying colors.

My real pressure is just about to begin. The nightmare of all college students. THESIS. I can’t count how many times i cried during the process of my thesis. I felt like i want to give up. But then i’m thinking about my dream and i tell myself “you have to do this”. And i did. I finish my thesis and my thesis defense, and i can finally call myself Bachelor of Literature.

The worst thing happened to me this year. My phone was broken and i lost all of my files including my first Korea photos, at the same time my PC also got broken so i lost my backup files. I don’t have backup on iCloud because i never succeed everytime i want to backup. I guess God really want me to start a something new by erasing the memory of my past. It was devastating of course because those photos are my life but i still have some photos that i uploaded on my facebook so that’s my only hope.

After my phone “incident” i guess this time was the turning point of everything bad that happened to me. Last year i finally met my idol and my role model BETHANY MOTA! She went to Jakarta for Youtube Fest and she also had a meet and greet and who’s the lucky girl who got the chance to hug Bethany? Yup, that’s me!

  I MET MY CRUSH! Yes i went to Infinite Concert in Jakarta. Infinite had their first concert in Jakarta August 31st 2013, 5 days after i’m leaving for Korea! So i tell myself the next time they perform in Indonesia, i have to go.

  I went to Thailand for the first time in 2015!


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