Beyond x Alice in Glow Cushion (Review)

I am so excited to do this review! I know i am late as usual haha but better late than never πŸ˜„

So this limited edition cushion is from the brand Beyond (λΉ„μš˜λ“œ) it is a collaboration with Disney’s Alice in Wonderland.


The collection comes out with cushions, lip oil tints, cream shadows, lip and cheek tints, nail polishes (+nail stickers), and hand creams. I wish i can have the entire collection but the thing that i want the most is the cushionπŸ’•

Now start with the review,    These are the pictures of the box (even the box is pretty γ…œ_γ…œ) it has Alice, the White Rabbit, and of course the Hangul explanation.

  And this is what the cushion looks like. Isn’t it super cute? 😍 The size of cushion is similar with any other cushion, it has white case and Alice picture on the lit. The picture is not sticker, i don’t know how to explain this haha the point is it’s not gonna come off or get ruin πŸ˜‚

     This is what it likes inside the cushion. Like the usual cushion it has a mirror, an air puff, and the lid that separates the puff and the product. And yes look at the air puff! It has Alice on it but i will explain about the puff later.

  So this is the product or the cushion. I got mine in the shade 02 Vanilla Cake ( 02호 바닐라 케읡). It was really hard for me to chose the right color but i decided to go on 02 because i think 01 would be too white for me (and i was right πŸ˜„)

   After i swatched it on on my hand, i was worried that it would be too yellow. But then i realized i was sitting under yellow light the whole time hahaha. The cushion blend amazingly on my skin! (you’ve probably can’t see it on the picture). It gives a nice glow to the skin and it makes my skin reallly moist.

    Now it’s about the puff. The 2nd thing that makes me fall in love with this cushion is the puff. It is the cutest, the prettiest puff i’ve ever seen. The blue side isn’t like the other puff, it’s more velvet-y and softer as well.

  The plus side of this cushion is, it gives you free refill for the cushion. Look at that, even the refill is pretty right? πŸ˜„

 (Please pardon my face LOL) So i used this cushion to INFINITE Concert. I put on my make up on 7:30am, and then i was waiting in line from 9am to almost 2pm. It was super hot! The sun was shining so bright and i was sweating like a pig. I was worried that my makeup gonna fade or it gets greasy because it is suppose to “moist” your skin, but it wasn’t! The cushion didn’t fade and it didn’t make my skin oily yet it still gives a nice glow! The cushion still set even after the concert and it finished at 5:30pm. So i gotta say the longevity is on point πŸ‘πŸ» and the coverage is great as well. I didn’t wear base or primer or concealer because i want to see how’s the coverage. It doesn’t cover my acne scars and blemishes perfectly but it’s enough to kinda blur them so i’m happy with that.

I got mine at IG shop @gleam.up for Rp 388.000 or around $30. It’s more expensive than the usual cushion but since it is a limited edition and the quality of the cushion is amazing, it is worth the spend!

P.s: this cushion is actually my birthday gift from my mom, she ordered using my IG that i forgot to logged out on our sharing iPad πŸ˜‚

P.s.s: i’am sorry that this post seems in a rush or not well written. I really want to finish this review because i’ll be traveling soon and my graduation is getting nearer and i’m afraid i won’t have time to upload. So please forgive me 😒


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