Holika Holika Good Cera Super Cream and Ultra Toner Review

I’ve been thinking about what am i gonna do with my blog. I can’t always write about traveling because i don’t travel all the time. So i decided why not write about makeup review?

I love makeup and i like to read blogpost about makeup so i can make a decision about should i or shouldn’t i buy the products. I’m still new with this kind of thing so please be nice 😄

The product that i will review are Holika Holika Good Cera Super Cream and Ultra Toner


 These are the sample size i got them when i go to Holika Holika shop in Korea. I gotta say that the products are quite small but i got many of them so i don’t mind 😀



First i will write about the Ultra Toner. I got the sample size and it’s as big as my pinky! The full size is cost for ₩14.900. The consistency is quite watery, clear like water but not runny. I apply this before the cream because that’s what toner works right? Hahaha. Since it’s not the type of water toner, i can’t use cotton to apply it on my face so i use the pat-pat method.  



Second is the Super Cream. The full size is cost  for ₩ 18.900. There are 3 types of Super Cream but i got the Original one. As you can see it is VERY creamy. As i spread it and apply it to my face, i feel it very heavy on my face but after a few minutes, the products will absorbs into my skin.

I have been using these products for a view days . I use it in the morning and my skin feels hydrated and moisturized during the day. I have oily skin but i don’t feel that this products make my skin more oily. The best thing about these products are it suitable for sensitive skin.


-Good for sensitive skin  

-Works well

-Hydrating and moisturizing


-In the beginning, feels heavy on skin

-Strong scent




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