Come Back Home

I feel like i’m a terrible writer because i haven’t post for a really really long time T_T From the end of 2014 until the beginning of February 2015, i was so busy with final week. I had tons of papers, report and final assignments but thankfully i was able to finish it before the deadline (typical H-1 girl hahaha)

But i have another surprise that is why i feel like i need to post here. I WENT TO KOREA FROM FEBRUARY 12 – 19!!  Yup you heard me i finally be back home haha. It was a very short trip but i was beyond grateful. I went to Korea with my friends and i became their tour guide because i know the city very well XD So let’s the story begin:


Here is Resty, me and Hasnah at the Incheon Airport. We arrived on February 12, Hasnah arrived in the morning while me and Resty in the evening because we were in the different flight, Hasnah was taking Garuda Indonesia while Resty and I were taking Korean Air. My friend Astrid arrived on February 15 because her visa came out a little late but she could make it to Korea and join us!

014 016 017

From Incheon Airport, we took the subway to our guesthouse. Our guesthouse is located in Hongdae, near exit 3. I can give rating 9/10 for this guesthouse. It is a really nice place to stay, friendly staff (they can speak English well), the room is neat and the sharing bathroom is super clean! And the most important thing is the cost is cheap! I stay for 8days 7nights and it only cost 120.000 Won or around $120/per person. We book the dormitory room with 4 beds that is why the price is per person and not per room.

020 022

After we put our luggage and rest for while we decided to walk around Hongdae area to find foods. I asked them to eat the street foods because God knows how much i miss these foods LOL. We ordered two plates of ttokpokki and some odeng (fish cake).

019 021

After eating, we continued to walk around. Honestly, i was in the verge of tears when i walked around because i remember all the good times i had in here :”)

026 027 028

HOLLA IT’S SHOPPING TIME!! Here’s me in Myeongdong, my makeup heaven โค As expected i was loosing myself on makeups and lippies. I can’t count how much lippies that i bought because i think i entered the store of every single brand hahaha and that is the picture of me and my BAEkhyun, got it? Bae and Baekhyun? Pfftt please ignore my cheesiness :’D

034 033 029

Shopping continued! We went to Ewha Womans University, in here we can find cute clothes and of course it’s cheap hahaha The shopping location is actually outside the area of Ewha but here we were taking pictures in front of the main gate because the campus is super pretty!

043 047 051 058 038

The next day we went to Gwanghwamun Square where we took pictures in front of General Yi Sun Shin and King Sejong statue, after that we went to Gyeongbokgung Palace. From Gwanghwamun to Gyeongbokgung you just have to walk for around 10 minutes. I’m telling you during my stay in Korea the weather is super cold (around -5 to 8) it wasn’t a good time to go to Korea but since it’s not high season the city is not very crowded.

070 072

I took picture in the same spot i took pictures 2 years ago! And the picture on the right is located in Hongdae station exit 9, the place where me and my friends used to meet up before we go to NB Club aaah i miss those times ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

073 085080076   078082

Astrid is finally joined us!  We went around Hongdae area again and took pictures in front of Hongik University because as you can see the light trees were amazing!

086 087

WE MADE IT TO YG BUILDING! After a long walk through the rain and almost got lost, we finally found this building. The building is located quite far from the main road and hidden between neighborhood so it is quite tricky. We took some pictures and we met a white sedan that we assumed as Seungri. WHAT?! So yeah we came across this white car, the window is really dark but we saw the hand of the driver and he is wearing a gold watch. I remember Big Bang member who owns a white car is Seungri after he got in that accident. We are not sure if it’s Seungri or not but to make us happy please just say that it’s Seungri hahaha.

098 097

And look who’s here? Yup it’s Dasol oppa! Before i came to Korea we promised to meet each other and we did! We had dinner near my old campus. We talked about everything and i had a really good time. I asked him to take my picture in front of CAU building in the middle of the rain hahaha we only met one time because it was near CNY and he had to go back to his hometown ๐Ÿ˜ฆ don’t worry oppa i promise we will meet again. Before we separate, Dasol oppa gave me his umbrella i think he felt bad at me because i came that day soaking wet hahaha i will treasure that umbrella :”D

102 100

Actually the next day we planned to go to Nami Island but the temperature is low and pretty windy that day and raining also, we changed our plan so instead, we went to Gangnam and Insa-dong because Resty and Astrid wanted to buy souvenirs. And you cannot go to Seoul without go to Gangnam hahaha.

108 109 113 116 120

That day is actually our last day in Seoul :”””( We went to Namsan Tower! Since Namsan is on top of a hill the weather is colder than on the other places we couldn’t stay for a long time so we just took some pictures, locked our locks and go back LOL but after that we went to Ewha again for the last shopping.

118 119

On our last night in Seoul, we ate odeng for the last time and got some new Korean friends hahahaha. Hasnah had morning flight the next day so she went to the airport by herself but i already taught her to get on and get off the subway so she was okay, while the three of us had afternoon flights. And i cried during take off…………yup you heard me i cried. Again. It is so hard to leave the place i called home, it’s so hard to leave old friends and new friends but i promise this won’t be the last time, I WILL GO BACK HERE<3

It was a short trip but i never regret every single seconds i spent in Seoul. Next time i go to Korea i want to go to Busan and Jeju Island because i never have a chance to go there :”) We consider we come back to Indonesia as a student exchange program and not go back home because Seoul has now become our home and we will go back home:)



6 responses to “Come Back Home

  1. I’ve been to Korea once last year but it’s not so fun. My tour guide is not really like.. understanding girl’s feeling T.T I want shopping and eating street food but he didn’t get me there. So my family ended up visiting some buildings and tourist sight seeing ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


    • Ah that must be really sad ๐Ÿ˜ฆ next time you go to korea don’t use travel agent or tourist guide. Just go by yourself but don’t forget to bring map or map app on your phone and also seoul subway map. I’m sure you’ll be okay ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘


      • Sure but I don’t know Korean so I don’t know if without tour guide is okay or not ๐Ÿ˜› It seems that not many people speaking English (my impression on last trip)


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