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Sorry for not updating in a long time i’ve been really busy with midterm exam and my thesis T_T but i will try my best to post something during my free time. As i said before, this post will be my last post from myΒ 5 MONTHS FOR ETERNITY Series. I finally decide to write about my last days in Korea. So without further ado let’s get started πŸ˜‰

1624 1625 1626

The pictures above were taken in a small cafe in Jongno (if i’m not mistaken) there were me, Leony, Agne (in blonde), and Laima (in brunette). Agne and Laima are from Lithuania, we grew close because we share the same interest which is KPOP hahaha

1629 164916441640

After that we went to the outdoor ice skating in City Hall where we met Kevin and we decided to go skating together. And i just remembered that it was Agne and Laima’s ;ast day in Korea because the next day they will go back to Lithuania T_T Agne and Laima bought us a very delicious chocolate cake which we finish in within 10 minutes without cutting it LOL before midnight it’s time for us to say goodbye, i remember the four of us cried and hug in front of a cafe beside the road :”) We promise to always keep in touch and we still do.


The city is getting more quiet as my friends were leaving the country one by one. My last goodbye was when me and my friends went to the airport to sent this guy off. He is Jose from Mexico. He is the crazy, funny, neat-freak, babo hahaha. He is the closest guy to me and my other Indonesian friends, we went to another city together, we stayed up all night, we went to night club, we go drinking together, he saw me got drunk and threw up and passed out, we go karaoke and go crazy singing Aqua, The Corrs LOLOL. There is a funny story actually. Jose was supposed to go back to Mexico on 22nd but he missed his flight! Me and my friends cried like a baby when he left with a taxi. But a few hours later, we met him in front of our campus dragging his luggage :”D we already expected this because he was super late before, but thankfully he can change his flight until tomorrow. The next day, me and my friends along with Jose went to the airport very early to make sure he’s not gonna miss his flight again. Even though we’re not as sad as the day before, i admit it i was crying no matter what it still goodbye though and he lived thousand kilometers away and i don’t know if we’re gonna meet again or not 😦 But thank God for internet me and him still in touch until now, we send each other stupid videos and photos on snapchat hahaha

1697 1698

(From left to right: Fai, Levina, Leony, Kevin, Me, Beatrice)

The Indonesian students are here!! So here we are at Snow Spoon frozen yogurt cafe on Christmas Night. 5 of us went to the same university together only different campus. Me, Leony and Kevin is in the same campus, same major (Binus University Kemanggisan Campus) Bea and Levina same campus same major(Binus International) only Fai who is in different campus than the three of us (Binus University Alam Sutra Campus)

1701 1703

I suggest you, if you go to Korea you should go around the end of December, why? BECAUSE OF FREE HUG! In Myeongdong there are a lot of guys or girls who offer a hug for everybody usually they hold a sign like that. Even better, in front of Myeongdong theater there are hundreds of guys and girls who lined up ready to give hug! I swear i was in paradise hahaha can you imagine a long line of cute guys who are willing to hug you? I love Korea so much :”D

1764 1765 1766

HAPPY NEW YEAR! On new year’s eve, we went to Jongno where the big bell is about to ring exactly at midnight. I can see that the area was filled with people it’s like the whole Seoul citizen was gather in there. At 12AM, the bell ring, and then there were fireworks and people cheering it was so much fun!

1845 1847 1848 1850

On January 6 we celebrated Bea’s birthday. We gave her Gary’s CD, her favorite Korean singer and she has soooo happy you can see from the pictures above hahaha

1860 1862 1866

Here’s a little story about the guy in the pictures above. His name is Dasol, he is our classmate in drama class and he is also my Korean language teacher. No words can describe how much i adore this guy. He is kind, funny, diligent, smart, hard worker, caring, 99% perfection hahaha i am so thankful that i have a friend like him, we still in touch until now thank God for kakaotalk and skype πŸ˜€ So the pictures above were taken at Jangdokdae, 2 nights before i left Korea 😦 Dasol said that we should have drink together before me and Leony got back home. It was a memorable night, sad but so much fun. And everyday i wish we can meet again oppa πŸ™‚

1877 1894 1873 Β Β 18781890

So here i am, on my last day in Korea, making memories with my friends (me, Leony, Bea, and Levina go back on the same day, same flight) We took pictures around our campus, it was so sad to leave this beautiful campus who give us so much memories 😦


The D day is finally coming. I took my last selca in Korea at Incheon Airport waiting for my flight. Suddenly i remember the first time i stepped in here and i can’t believe that i have to go back to Indonesia. The moment i sit on the plane, my tears won’t stop falling, i cried like a baby and i spent a box of tissue (don’t blame me it was so sad) and i cried during my 7 hours of flight i only stop when i ate the meal or when i tried to calm myself. So finally i landed in Soetta Airport, i can’t believe that my parents, my brothers, my aunties and my cousins were there waiting for me! I’m happy that i finally meet my family again but a part of me still sad because i left Korea. Few days later i still thinking “Am i really in here? Am i really not in Korea any more?”

For my beloved country Korea, my beloved city Seoul, and of course my beloved friends from anywhere in the world, this is not goodbye, this is see you soon. I promise i will go there again, i promise we will meet again. Until that time, let’s pray and keep in touch πŸ™‚

FINALLY I FINISH THIS STORY! Some of you may think that i only write in just for fun or i look that i did it halfheartedly but just so you know, i’ve been really emotional when i write these series. There are times that i have to stop for a while to calm myself, but there are times that i can’t stop my tears from falling. It’s just Korea gave so much affect for me and my life. It truly changes my mindset about people, about my country. So everytime, people talk about Korea or i see Korea on TV or magazine i become very sensitive. But i just want to be positive because i believe, i will go back πŸ˜€


2 responses to “5 MONTHS FOR ETERNITY PART. 5 (Final)

  1. haha thanks for sharing i enjoyed reading πŸ™‚ wonder what the idea behind free hug is?? is it just simply out of love? lol shame i’m korean and never gotten one πŸ˜›


    • μ•ˆλ…•ν•˜μ„Έμš” thanks for your comment πŸ™‚ i guess yeah it is simply out of love haha the story behind it is because during december the weather is really cold so they give free hug to warm each other hahahaha but it turned out to be a fun event πŸ˜€ you should try one! γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹


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