5 Months for Eternity Part. 4


Hahahaha what am i saying pfftt :’D okay i’m so excited to write this because it was probably the best time of my life. Until this time i miss every single night i spent on clubs or bars. Without further due let’s get started.

Before i write about the clubs or bars, i will tell you about the famous Korean alcohol and also my favorite drinks:

1. Soju


Soju is the most famous alcohol drink in Korea. Korean people usually drink soju during their dinner. Soju is perfect with beef it’s like a perfect combination. At first i don’t like soju because it has strong taste and i have a bad memory with soju (consisting of me puking non stop LOL) but my friend suggest me to drink it with cola and it taste amazing!

2. Makkolli (막걸리)


Beside soju, makkolli is also famous in Korea. Makoli is lighter than soju but if you drink it too much you will end up sleeping on the street just like me HAHAHAHA. We can mix makkoli with soda, honey or banana. I even found makkolli mix with berry juice and it is sooo delicious!

3. Beer


Number 3 is beer. Korea has many beer companies. If America has chicken wings and beer, Korea has chicken and beer. Sometimes they mix soju and beer together to make the soju taste better. And you can practically find beer in every single convenient store in Korea.

Now it’s time for me to write about the clubs and bars! To be honest i only went to several clubs because me and my friends are the type of people who “if we think this club is cool then we will always go here”. Our favorite clubs located in Hongdae and Gangnam. As i wrote before, Hongdae is full of night clubs so it becomes our base camp/home/hot spot HAHAHAHA

1. NB

THIS IS MY FAVORITE CLUB EVER! Nice music, cute guys, nice drinks, perfection! NB consist of NB1, NB2 and Harlem and they are located next to each other. You pay for 1 club and you can go the other 2 free. You just have to show them your bracelet. Every ticket include 1 free drink if you come before 11PM, and free 2 drinks if you come after 11PM

17351774   1792 18411839  1451 1819

(All photos above were taken in NB1, NB2, and Harlem)

2. Octagon

Club Octagon is super famous! Many idols are spot hanging out in here from Running Man, BIG BANG and many more. Clubbing in here means you will meet people with more preppy style HAHA unlike in Hongdae where people dress up more casual.

1087 1089 1090 1092 1165 1167 1168 1170 1176

3. Jangdokdae

Too bad i can’t find the link to this place 😦 it is a traditional bar located in Heukseok-dong, Dongjak-Gu. I usually came here with my campus friends because it is near our campus. We can drink makkolli or soju while eat pajjeon or other foods. It’s great for hanging out, chatting, laughing or just relaxing after study 😀 I have a lot of memories in here because i spent most of my time in here with my friends. And crazy things also happened in here HAHAHAHA

1657 18521659 1662  1853 1858

4. JooZoo Hof

I can’t find the link T_T but it is also located in Heukseok-dong, Dongjak-gu near Chung-Ang University. Me and my friends discovered this place not long before we back to our country so we only went there twice. I say that the place is pretty cozy, friendly waiter and waitress, nice food so we really love going there.

1432 14331438

Okay that are my favorite hang out places in Korea. i know it is not so many and probably my explanation is not clear enough but i tried my best >.< my next post will be the last post from my 5 Months for Eternity series but i still don’t know what i’m gonna write probably just my last days in Korea but i’ll find out later 😉

Thank you so much for reading and liking this post, and sorry for grammatical mistakes English is not my first language 😦

(credit: soju and makkoli picture goes to owner)


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