5 Months For Eternity Part .2


This is the second part of my 5 Months For Eternity series. In my last post i promise that i will write about my campus life. So here it goes, it starts from the first time i stepped on Chung-Ang University.



That was me one year ago in front of CAU. On the first day of orientation, we got t-shirt, guide book and a little opening ceremony and of course, Welcoming Party! But not that kinda party where we got drunk and let loose haha it was more of a buffet gourmet and we got to know each other.

979 982980

I was so lucky to have a chance to watch baseball game live at Jamsil Stadion. I support Doosan Bears because CAU is under Doosan. And of course Doosan won that day! GO DOOSAN!

1147 12571192  1526

Pictures above was the activities i did in class. The 1st picture was taken in my favorite class which is drama class (nice professor, nice lesson, and coolest friends!), 2nd picture was taken in Introduction to Korean studies class, it’s a multicultural class because it’s a general course. PLEASE DON’T MIND THE 3RD PICTURE HAHAHAHA. It was me sleeping during empty period while waiting for the next period. And the 4th picture was me in Korean studies class, i made a little presentation about INFINITE Myungsoo (my ultimate bias<3) and i got A! LOL

1480 1481


My 2nd favorite class! Contemporary Korean Society class. Professor Liaudet Xavier is the coolest professor ever! On our last meeting, we had a dinner together. Just look at the makkeolli bottles, you know what happened next hahahaha.

1540 1542 1547

3 pictures above was the Korean language class. Professor Kim Hyunjoo saranghae<3 This is where all the international students gather together (of course) LOLOL i miss them so much 😦

1673 1671009

And we finally gather for the Farewell Ceremony. I gotta be honest it was the hardest part 😦 I can’t believe 5 months was over really quickly. I still remember the Welcoming Party and the first time we talked to each other but now it ‘s time to say goodbye. For everyone of you, i miss you and i love you. This is not goodbye, it’s see you soon 🙂 I hope we can meet again someday 😉

That’s a short story about my campus life. On my next post i will write about some of the coolest place that i visited in Korea! Please stay tune 😀


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