Opening My World

안녕하세요, Hello

After getting so many suggestions, i finally make my own blog! I’m hoping with this blog i can finally express my feelings, my opinions, sharing about my experiences, etc. This is not the first time i make blog. I remember i had blog when i was in high school, i wrote about my activities in school but i end up deleted it because it was too embarrassing LOL

So, a little introduction here, my name is Nindy or Anindya Saviera Putri. By the time i wrote this I’m in my 21st and my birthday is October 10th, 1993. I’m a 7th semester student in Binus University, majoring in English Literature, minoring in Business. I have a mom and a dad (ofc, duh!) and two younger brothers. That’s a short introduction about me 🙂

My biggest obsessions are lip product (lip balm, lip gloss, lip tint, lip stain, you name it), and…..KOREA! As you can see in the beginning i wrote a little Korean Hangul 😉 Yes i love anything about Korea from the culture, the city, the people and not to forget, KPOP! Last year i was in the student exchange program to Seoul and i lived there for 5 months. It was the best moment of my life, the best decision I’ve ever made. I got the chance to learn about their culture, explored the city, and i got amazing friends from around the world. I hope i can go back to that place i called home, for short term maybe for holiday but for the long term I’m planning to get my master degree in Korea after i graduate next year O:)

Well that’s a short opening from me. Hopefully through this blog i can share something fun and useful 🙂 See you on my next post!


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